5 Reasons Why Anil Kumble’s decision of putting his papers was wrong!

“If at first you don’t succeed… Try doing what your COACH told you to do the first time”.

It is said ‘Catches Win Matches’ but it is also equally true that even though coaches don’t actually take the field but they help you win matches. There is a reason why Sourav Ganguly pointed that he wants to select the coach who wins matches. Not everyone is a born leader or gifted enough to understand the righteous path to excel on their own without any guidance. Importance of Gurus can’t be understated. They show us the path and help us stand again, when we fall. Cricket is no different! Coaches, quietly, stand behind the scenes, mostly away from the limelight and mentor the teams to produce results.

Sometimes though, there are differences in opinion! You know what I am referring to, the famous infamous Kumble-Kohli saga that has been doing the rounds since the start of Champions Trophy. At AukatMeinRahiyo, we thought of comparing the whole situation to corporate world. Here are is the list of 5 Reasons Why, we believe, Kumble and Kohli should have buried their differences until the corporation (BCCI) finds the new coach.

  1. Vision: The mission statement of the company drives the employees towards achieving their goals. Right after the defeat against Pakistan in a Champions Trophy final, India’s focus should have been on building the team for the next major 50 over tournament: World Cup 2019. With Anil Kumble putting his papers, there seems to be a definite shift in focus.

  2. Learning: Even though, there were differences in tactics between the captain and the coach, players were benefited by principles of the latter. Indian bowler’s disciplined bowling in the concluded Champions Trophy semi-final against South Africa is the classic example.

  3. Execution: No offence to West Indies (WI), but the ongoing series between India and WI was a perfect platform for Team India to test their bench strength and figure out what combination works best at 4, 5, 6. Having a coach-less team forced the selectors to jam pack a team with Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni instead of trying out capabilities of players like Rishab Pant, Sanju Samson or Pandya (brothers), who were few of the emerging players in IPL a month ago.

  4. Leadership: A very important quality of CTOs or CEOs in an organization. They have to lead by example. How many times Virat Kohli has led from the front and won a match for India. In the situation of crisis, something similar was expected from India captain and the coach as well. BCCI would have selected the new coach anyway after the former showed discomfort to the officials. To make it all public was like washing your dirty linen in public. 

  5. 80/20 Principle: This is a famous way of identifying the strategies for future in a corporation. If you are 80% confident about the idea, it’s worth taking that extra risk. Kumble’s year as a coach where Team India achieved pinnacles is the testimony to brilliant work done by the team and the coach. Yes, there were issues but then no one is ideal (100%)!

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