5 Reasons Why Kapil Sharma Has Taken A Break From TV

If celebrity status is anything to go by the quotient an individual is getting in the news, Kapil Sharma has been riding the media from quite some time now. Post his alleged mid-air fight with Sunil Grover, one will agree that he has been one of the sought out celebrities for the “Masala” seekers! Recently, his show, The Kapil Sharma Show, has taken a short break which, again, brought him in the limelight. We present 5 Reasons Why, we think, Kapil Sharma has taken a break from TV:

  1. Post production of Firangi!: Kapil Sharma has been self promoting Firangi for almost a year. And now, there is a release date attached to it as well: November 10, 2017. Wearing multiple hats as an actor and the producer in the flick, he needs to be actively involved in the post production of his upcoming movie.
  2. Promotions of Firangi!: Who better than Kapil Sharma will understand this aspect of a movie in recent times. Collectively, between The Kapil Sharma Show and Comedy Nights With Kapil, he has been helping actors promote their films on his show for over 4 years! Many times, he has quoted on air saying “Sab promotion karne yaha aate hai, hum kaha jayenge?” when referring his film, Firangi, during his show. 

    Fan made poster of Firangi for which Kapil Sharma has taken a break from TV!

  3. Absence on TV will make audience miss him: The show went off air couple of weeks ago and people have already started missing it. In couple of months, when his film is scheduled to release, audience would be waiting for Kapil Sharma to tickle their funny bones on big screen. Firangi will be a super hit. Master Stroke!  
  4. Chance for the makers to revamp the show: Recently, when SonyTV renewed his show’s contract, there were talks of revamping the show. This is a welcome break for the makers to think about how they want to come back with a new flavor.
  5. Sorting his shit: They sayThere is no such thing as Bad Press”. Although, it’s true that you get to benefit as long as people are talking about you, but, you reach a point when the rule no longer applies. In fact, it has been quoted as the biggest PR myth of all and one must take time to sort his shit. Kapil Sharma needed this break to sort his life and come back stronger.
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