5 Reasons Why Pakistan won’t be able to beat India in Champion’s Trophy Final!!

England is hosting the Asia Cup Champions Trophy final tomorrow! The India vs Pakistan match in a World Championship! People are like “It’s going to be big!”, “Sunday ko kya kar raha hai yaar tu?!”, “Is baar to maa bahen ek kar denge” and I am wondering Pakistanis be like “Oh freak man! Another India-Pakistan match!!”, “Kab aayega Mauka?!”.

Here is the list of reasons, we think, Pakistan won’t be able to beat India in Champion’s Trophy Final:

  1. Virat Kohli: Asia Cup 2012. Who can forget his mammoth 183 against the arch rivals in Asia Cup where the latter looked in a commanding position after scoring 329 and taking a wicket on second ball of the Indian innings. The man won them the match single handedly!
  2. Virat Kohli: World Cup 2015. He, once again, laid the foundation for Indian victory by starting fluently and scoring 100 runs out of the first 181 scored. He anchored superbly along with Shikhar Dhawan and Suresh Raina to take India to a respectable total of 300.
  3. Virat Kohli: World Cup T20 2016. Although, Kohli has performed equally well in all the formats but no one comes even closer when it comes to chasing a target in smaller formats of the game. “A low target of 119 meant it will be a walk in the park for India”, many of us thought… But, a lethal spell of bowling from Mohammad Amir turned the match upside down as India was reduced to 23/3 after 5 overs. It brought back the memories of another low scoring match a month ago. Guess what, Kohli came in their way again and scored a match winning 55 off 37 at a strike rate of 148 in a match where most of the batsmen struggled to put up a decent show. 
  4. Virat Kohli: Champion’s Trophy 2017. Even when he looked edgy in the recent encounter, he stood his ground and didn’t lose his wicket. He was as solid as a rock which allowed others to score around him, survived the tension between rain breaks. And when it was time to capitalize, he finished with the score of 81 off 68 at the strike rate of 120. It turns out, the “edgy” Virat batted Pakistan out of the game!
  5. Virat Kohli: THE CAPTAIN. The emotions he portrays on the playing field are, as they say, meme worthy. He is energetic, animated and never running out of aggression to scare the opposition out of the competition. But, what stands out as a captain is his composure to understand the importance of MS Dhoni. Whenever team’s in a pickle, he is never shy of asking for advice. And we all know what happens when the greatest think tank of world cricket advise: we win!
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