5 Reasons Why India Women’s Cricket Team Deserves Same Accolades as the Men in Blue

“Cricket is a religion in India and Sachin is our God!”. We have grown up hearing this over and over again. “Sachin… Sachin…”, the famous humming ever heard in a cricket ground. Every time the master took his stance, one could hear the noises, even, coming from the houses in India. India played their first Test match in 1932 against England. The sport have always been on the rise sinceHi  then. From likes of Sunil Gavaskar, Gundappa Viswanath, Kapil Dev etc to Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid to the current crop of MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and co., there have been many men who have allured us in this wonderful game. 

Continuing our last week’s analogy of cricket to a corporate world, where we compared the exit of Anil Kumble as India coach with a corporation, we now analyze why we don’t talk about Goddesses of this esteemed religion (Cricket)! Today, women are well versed with capabilities to propel in every field they put their minds to. Here is the list of 5 Reasons Why, we think, India Women’s Cricket Team should be in the same rankings as achieved by men over the last 85 years. 

  1. Culture: Women are everywhere! They have proved their mettle in every field they have undertaken. From working together as a team to leading a corporation with finesse, they have done it all. Cricket is no different! Even after acquiring the Test playing status as late as 1976, they have given us proud moments of playing finals of World Cup in 2005. In the ongoing World Cup, they are yet to be defeated. The victory against Pakistan was a treat to watch. 
    Mithali Raj – The Captain Cool
  2. Flair: Women are born with a motherly instinct! I have seen women getting attached to a company they work for and want the company to prosper no matter what. Their focus on building a team environment is commendable.
  3. Passion: There is no denying the fact they are as hard working as any “esteemed men”. Working late hours to meet deadlines or working night shifts is as common for women in today’s age as it for others. They, too, take their regimes seriously and deserve the right acknowledgement! Their athleticism in cricket is right on par with that of men’s.
  4. Humorous Gossip: Every woman will agree to this. They like to gossip! (Men like it as well, they just don’t share it) Lunch-time gossips are well known in offices. Who wouldn’t like some gossip on the table where Virat Kohli and his players are having lunch with Mithali Raj and company.
  5. Results: I have worked with many female colleagues. They are also humans and there are errors in judgement once in a while (like is the case with all of us), but there is no lack in the intensity with which they are trying to achieve the goal. There is always something in store! Similarly in cricket, exciting nail biters are always on cards even when our Women’s cricket team doesn’t perform to their expectations.


This article is not intended to demean the Men in Blue but to encourage Women in Blue. We wish to see both sides being acknowledged equally and prospering alongside. Our best wishes to the Women’s Cricket team in the ongoing World Cup. We hope to welcome them with the World Cup Trophy when they come back home. All the best Team India!!!

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