5 Roles Similar Between Cricket & An IT Company!

Find your passion in the work you do!

Cubicles, workstations, laptops, formals etc. is the first thing that comes to mind when we get placed in a company. As a student, we always dream about the company we want to work with. We are on the 7th moon when that dream comes true. We will make a difference in the organization, oath we take after getting the offer letter in our hands.

“Find your passion in the work you do and you will succeed”, I was told after receiving my offer letter. I didn’t understand that then. I mean, I was blabbering about how Shane Warne’s “around the stump leg spin” gets him a wicket in my HR round when I had to talk to the interviewer in English for 15 minutes! “I don’t know what my passion is? The closest hint I had was: I like to play cricket!”, I thought…

Recently, though, I realized the true meaning of advice given to me back then. It’s not letting your passion die and reinventing it in your job, rather, finding similarities between what you love the most and the work you do. It makes your work more fun and enjoyable! I, for one, have followed this approach over the years.

How is Cricket and Corporate even remotely related to each other? Here is a list of different roles of a Cricket Batsman you see in your corporate world:

  1. Pinch Hitter – Freelancers/Agencies: Launching a project on a short deadline is equivalent to chasing a mammoth target set by the opposition on a cricket field. Usually teams have followed the culture of sending a pinch hitter, a batsman who is promoted up the order to play carefree cricket and score quick runs for his team. Similarly, in corporate, we tend to bring freelancers or agencies as pinch hitters who can quickly turn things around and help us deliver the project on time.
  2. Night Watchman – Product Manager: Team is the biggest asset in a company. You have to protect your team, come what may, for achieving results. In a Test Match, if a wicket fells during the end of the day, teams usually follow a pattern of sending a night watchman (a bowler) so that they don’t expose their batsman during that vulnerable period of time. Similarly, a product manager (mostly non technical) always communicates with the client about the status update of a project so as to not expose their team of developers.
  3. All Rounder – Full Stack Developer: A full stack developer is the person who knows it all – Jack of all trades! He is the all rounder in the corporate world. Companies, especially startups, are willing to spend equivalent amount Ben Stokes (all rounder from England) got in this year’s IPL bidding. No Kidding!
  4. 12th Man – Interns: Matches won’t be won if the teams don’t have a 12th man in their side. These are the players on-call. They practice along with the team, chime in when called as replacement, even get drinks during the course of play. Who are these people in a corporate? INTERNS!
  5. Stonewaller – CEO/CTO: Stonewaller, who? Not many people know what it is. But if I say Mr. Rahul Dravid, only one thing comes to mind – THE WALL! A stonewaller is like the rock of the team. Your team is in trouble, he will raise his hand and dig you out of the hole. A CEO or a CTO is the rock in the corporate world. They are the walls of their department.   


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