A unique complaint which got everyone on their toes in the Panasonic’s service department

Last week, one of our readers reached out to us after reading an article on AukatMeinRahiyo (how Indigo Airlines customer service let us down) as he had also faced a client servicing issue and could relate to our plight. The Multi National Corporation in question this time was: Panasonic! He was having troubles with his water purifier, and like all of us would do, he reached out to their customer service to rectify the problem.

After umpteenth attempts at getting his product fixed and still not receiving a proper response, he wanted to try something different. He narrated the whole incident to us, and we realized that the problem is not Panasonic’s water purifier! What followed will blow your mind…

We reached (on the reader’s behalf) out to Panasonic support to register a complaint against one of their service. A complaint against CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT! As being a product company one of their most important duty is to provide ‘after sales service’ and make sure their customers are satisfied with their products.


Excerpts from our mail:

To Whoever it may concern,

I couldn’t find the product I wanted to complain about in your list: Customer Service Department.

I have registered a complaint against my water purifier 4 days ago reporting a leakage. I haven’t received a call from technician yet. I have followed up with service centre at least 10 times. I have got different reasons in an incorrect manner every time I have called.

So before anything else, you need to register a complaint against your customer service department. The are not doing their job properly and Panasonic should take an action against it.

Reference# r080617058933



Reply from Panasonic!

Panasonic replied with their automated email offering apologies. Their email read that the concerned person will contact me. Although, we haven’t got any response from them yet, but, the impact of our email was felt a day later when Panasonic registered 10 complaints against the same water purifier and we got more than 25 messages on our registered mobile number. 


And that wasn’t it! Tables were turned now, service centre reached out to me on my number stating “Sir, you have registered a complaint against a water purifier. Can you please tell us what’s the problem? A technician will come to your place today”. Now that was something! From not responding to scheduling a technician visit themselves, they had shown that the department is capable of delivering the apt customer service. All they needed was complaint against their own department!

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