Agar Harry Had Met Sejal Like This!!

What happens when you are a tour guide in Europe? Well that depends… if you are Harry (Shahrukh Khan), a beautiful Gujrati girl, Sejal (Anushka Sharma) will come and ask force you to help her find “Her Engagement Ring!”.

Harry, a lonely guy, lives abroad and works as a tour guide. He eats alone, is not passionate about his job (as he delivers the same script to every touring group), makes faces at tourists and is relieved when these globetrotters are on their way back home. As soon as you see Harry, you can’t help empathizing with him. He is a loner and desires attention. You wait for mysteries of his life to unfold!

In comes Sejal, (as usual in Imtiaz Ali movie) a bubbly, chirpy girl who doesn’t board the flight when her tour group leaves, as she has lost her engagement ring while holidaying and demands Harry to help her find it. Although, Sejal’s character is portrayed as a contrast to Harry’s, but soon you realize that she, too, is lost. All she’s interested in is to start her real holiday (away from everyone) as their search for the ring begins.

Is the ring really lost in JHMS?

The story unfolds the dark secrets of their past in flashes which keeps you on your toes, wanting more. Your want to know the mystery behind Harry’s nightmares and understand Sejal’s relation with her fiance. The story of ring, main reason behind their partnership, runs in the background as they are unable to find it from one place to another. By interval, you are left seeking answers to many questions. The most critical one being: Is the ring really lost?

As it turns out Harry’s love interest from past has left him a loner in life. He always wanted more from life. Be it his singing career (yeah you heard it right! Our Harry wants to be a singer), or, his love life with “Kaur” (mystery person). When he is not able to achieve any of this, he starts looking for Kaur in every girl and turns into a womanizer.

Sejal, on the other hand, is finding answers to her own questions. Is getting married the right move? Is there a world beyond her family and family-business? As it turns out, she likes fixing things and unlike her life with Rupen (her fiance), she is able to fix the empty space in Harry’s life.

While discovering their own lives together, they reveal the biggest secret of the film: The ring was never lost! It was Sejal’s attempt to run away from the situation and spend more time with Harry, whom she started liking while they were touring together. Harry, unaware of the reality starts subconsciously replacing Kaur with Sejal, but is aware of the fact that this all will end as soon as she finds her ring.

Harry and Sejal are subconsciously in love with each other

Both the protagonists are in love with each other and are able to fulfil the void in each other’s life. They play Husband-Wife, act Bhaiya-Bhabhi to Harry’s only friend in his wedding and are always shown wanting more from their evolving relation. It is on Harry’s introduction to reality (that the ring has always been with Sejal!), he feels betrayed and wants to end the dream. And both Harry and Sejal are back to where they’ll started with one twist: Harry’s nightmare with Kaur has been replaced with her dream married-life with Sejal. Sejal has found the love of her life in Harry and understand the true meaning of marriage. Will Harry tie the knot with Sejal? Will Sejal become the Kaur of Harry’s life? Find out by watching the movie!


***NOTE: This interpretation of the movie is coming straight from the Fake Director’s Eye and doesn’t have any resembles to the actual plot. Though, we think if the movie was depicted like we painted the picture above, it would have been more interesting to our eyes! Do you agree?

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