Akash Choudhary dis-launched the opponent with 10 for 0 issues!

They say cricket is a team game. And, rightly so! Even when we had Sachin Tendulkar in our team, it took decent performance from 10 others to win a match. There have been only few occasions when a man single handedly won the game for his team. That too, when you are as young as 15 years old, probably none! Akash Choudhary has been able to achieve the feet not many will even dream. Not only he bowled 14 dot balls but also took 10 wickets in addition to that in his quota of 4 overs in a T20 game, making it 4-4-0-10! Yep, that’s 4 overs, 4 maidens, 10 wickets for no runs!

Akash Choudhary dis-launched Pearl Academy!

It is as if conceptualizing the idea, designing the whole user flow and developing the product all by himself. That too, with 0 bugs! That’s a dream come true if you are a startup or any product owner in a corporate. Similar to cricket, it’s a team that wins it for an organization as well. Even the best in the business would agree that they wouldn’t have made it this far without a great team.


Surely, Choudhary was clinical in his performance for Disha Cricket Academy who defended the score of 156 by bowling out the opponent, Pearl Academy, for only 36! In many ways, this 15 year old resembles that intern who walks in the office with his charisma and take everyone by surprise by delivering the performance of lifetime!

He is sharing the space with some of the greats, we have seen, in the game of cricket. Anil Kumble and Jim Laker to name a few. We just hope this intern is able to walk up the ladder and reach the pinnacle achieved by former business heads.

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