Alcohol – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

“Chal na yaar aaj kuch naya try karte hai”, my friend told me 10 years ago when he wanted to try beer! That’s the story of most of the people out there. What our parents don’t want us to do, our friends make us do. Be it the first “gaali” that we learn or the first cycle ride that our parents don’t know about or the first crush, our friends be like “Dude, You can do this!”. I remember my friend telling me “it’s like a cough syrup! You close your eyes, cover your nose with hands and gulp it in one shot”. This is how I had the experience with my first beer!

The Good…

We are taught from our early age about the good and the bad.

“Excelling in school” – Good

“Alcohol” – Bad

“Be respectful and help others” – Good

“Alcohol” – Bad

And there are many more…

Our society, doesn’t matter how forward it can get, will always teach us that drinking is not good. And rightly so, as there is a legal age until which drinking alcohol is prohibited. But, whether it’s bad to consume any of the spirits should be left to the individual. It has been with us since ages in one form or the other. From “Sura” (alcoholic beverage distilled from rice in 3000 B.C.) to “Sula”, we have been consuming them all.

“It is OK to let loose once in awhile”, I thought and gave it a try when my friend told me that stupid theory. After all, I was above 18 then and had my friends to drive me back home. I had my bases covered. Well… I would have acted the same even if I didn’t! Our mind is full of curiosities and we will go out of our limits to fulfil those. I remember somebody once told me “Zindagi me try sab karo, lekin aadat mat banao”

The Bad…

“Abe tu dost nahi hai kya? Chal tere bhai ke liye ek aur!” is the phrase we all have heard/said more often than not. It’s not like we don’t understand the impact of drinking to our nervous system. We all know where to draw that line. Infact, we are not affected by our friends, as well, when they are trying to be all sentimental with those filmy one liners. It’s as simple as this: We all become one philosopher and find our own reasons to continue.

Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operations of life.

-George Bernard Shaw

I used to see the light and feel that the sun is about to rise. That was the signal for my friends: It’s time to go home. “Evian is Naive spelled backwards!” Funny that most of the people believe that if they are able to read and understand the above phrase, time to order one more drink. But, when they sit the next day and think backwards, they feel so naive! Atleast, I feel that when I think of the past!

Sometimes you also find teenagers who consider it as a style statement and a way of flaunting amongst their buddies. One can’t blame them as well, as teenage is anyway so impressionable that you tend to deviate your focus easily and believe in things without any evidence.  

Surrogate Advertising is a form of advertising which is used to promote banned products, like cigarettes and alcohol, in the disguise of another product.

What doesn’t help is the constant advertisement (surrogate) of alcohol on TV. The fact is that surrogate advertising of alcohol doesn’t really affect the overall market share of the product. Brands use it to increase their own user base. But, it does put an idea in one’s mind: Probably the best beer glass in the world!

The Ugly…

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! If only we stick to the adage. Most of us have already paraphrased it to our convenience: When the going gets tough, 2-3 pegs are not enough! Have you ever received a random phone call from your friend on a weekday saying “Aaj shaam ko kya kar raha hai?” or a situation where both you and your friend remembered to buy a 6 pack and when the doorbell rang: “Aaj to meri baari thi?!” You know what I am talking about…

What follows is pure waste… Drunken calls to your EX, misbehaving with fellow commuters (while traveling back home), destroying the property of state (you are living in) are few of the examples of utter embarrassing yourself. You wake up with that embarrassment thinking: I am never going to drink again but comes the night and…

From trying it out once in awhile to “celebrating” it non stop (at your own philosophy) to even drinking alone for petty reasons such as breakups for example, the journey is as smooth as it can get. You never realize how devastating it is until you end up hurting your own self. More often than not it’s too late to roll back in time and understand why our parents use to say:

“Alcohol” – Bad!

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