When Ben Stokes was asked to take a sick day after getting arrested!

There was this one night when I got into a bar fight 4 years ago. Next day I had to call an off day at work. Reason – what would I say to people when they ask me “What happen to your face?”. Clearly, “You should look at the other guy’s face who ran into me last night”, is the answer you would expect only in movies and not at a corporate office in real world.

Ben Stokes asked to take a sick day after getting arrested

But, if you are Ben Stokes and get into a brawl, you can’t keep away from calling a sick day (especially when you have been arrested). The public figure that he is, Ben Stokes is all over the news and not for his all round abilities to play cricket which got him maximum bid in this year’s IPL, neither the 2016 World T20 final when Carlos Brathwaite hit him for 4 consecutive 6s to steal the cup.

His selection in Ashes despite the being arrested is baffling! Although, he was released without any charges and ECB director, Andrew Strauss, also said that “We will obviously be launching our own investigation into the circumstances surrounding this”, but, would he be considered for next big project, say, if he was working for a corporate? On the other hand, one must not take anything away from Ben until he clarifies his side and the verdict is out after the investigation.

Ben Stokes Called in Sick

Of course not, but Ben Stokes is not featuring in the next match against West Indies (scheduled today, September 27, 2017). Even if he would have not fractured his right hand in that fight, he would have missed the game. Though, he could have said “You should have looked the other guy’s face” just like they do in the movies!

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