Brendan Taylor Returning Home After His Onsite Visit

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ONSITE? Financial Security is of course one. Exposure, learning and fun are few others exciting aspects that push you to towards onsite work. And, when your country doesn’t have enough scope in the domain, then, necessity also becomes as important as all of the above mentioned.

When Brendon Taylor (of Zimbabwe) decided to call it quits in International Cricket 2 years ago post the World Cup, this is the reason, no one was surprised. It makes sense for a person to think about his career, family and security even over the country (he is playing for) when you know the prospects of Zimbabwe Cricket have not been great over the last couple of decades. One has to go very deep in the era of Andy and Grant Flower, Alastair Campbell, Heath Streak (to name a few) looking for the competitive cricket played by Zimbabwe.

Brendan Taylor making an impactful 100 of 69 balls

Although, it was a move encouraged by thinking about the future of his family and the financial security as he was quoted saying “make the best decision for my family moving forward”, but, it took a u-turn when his wife decided to stay back with his 4 kids. Post this, it became more like how a Software Developer who goes to the US for his onsite visit while his wife stays back, knowing that one day he will have to return.

Stint with Nottinghamshire

His contract started with Nottinghamshire with a bang as he became the first Nottinghamshire batsman to register two centuries in both of his first two matches he played for them after joining. While later (2016) he didn’t had the best of the forms, but the highlight of his stint will definitely be the latest season where he was able to create an impact in all forms of the cricket.

“Winning two trophies for Notts in these past few months, including one at Lord’s, has been a real highlight in my career, and given me moments that I will never forget. But being away from my wife and children has proven to be very difficult for me and I have reached a point in my life where I must consider their needs,” he said.

Returning Home

After all, that Software Developer always knew that he had to return one day. And, more often than not, after a successful project onsite, they do return to resume their duties at home (work and personal).

Just like most of the boards will do, especially for the player of Brendan’s calibre combined with his wonderful season with Notts, Zimbabwe Cricket was more than happy to have him back and welcomed him with open arms.

We hope that he continues his dream run with bat and helps Zimbabwe Cricket get to the reputation of past. #WelcomeBack


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