Business with Benefits

The rate at which our celebrities switch their partners (in real life) is less than the time taken by Earth to complete its orbit.

Sometimes when I think about “Relationships”, I get a feeling that it is almost similar to the God or a Supernatural Power! Most of us have definitely heard the saying “Maano to bhagwan hai, nahi to patthar!”, i.e, if you have belief, even a regular stone has God in it but without it, an idol is also just a stone. Same is the case with relationships. You must believe in the sanctity of relationships, otherwise, it is just two people having sex while being emotionally detached to each other.

With Benefits

What are the benefits of being in a relationship?

  • Stability
  • Mental Peace
  • Focus
  • Determination to do better in life
  • Serenity

Most of us would agree! Believing in a relationship lays the foundation of what all benefits we can reap out of it. But, what if you are an atheist when it comes to relationships? The definition of benefits changes:

  • A way to move forward in life
  • A way to satisfy physical needs

Friends with Benefits

Many times, you will see adults falling in this trap. They think that they are doing well in life and all they need is a partner for instant gratification. After all, we are living in an age of instant gratification. Even before putting in any efforts, today’s youth is looking for success!

Are Ranveer and Deepika next Shahrukh and Kajol of Hindi Cinema?

Business with Benefits

A few days ago, I asked myself “Can there be a ‘Business with Benefits’ kind of a relation between two people?”. First thing was to define the term- Two people who are in same business/company and the whole office knows that they will make a good pair, decides to have casual sex without being emotionally attached to each other, also agreeing to not be friends. Now, why would someone want that? Very simple, it’s like “Arranged” Friends with Benefits!

Especially, in the film industry! Everyone wants to see their onscreen couple to mingle in real life as well. Or at least, it gives them some “masala” entertainment in their lives. Sometimes pairing up in real life helps them as well- “A way to move forward in life”, as we earlier said. Everyone is already wishing for them to come together in real life, there are Page 3 stories already cooking, so, why not just announce a relationship and reap the benefits when their next movie releases? Is this the reason we hear lot of stories about co-actors hooking up just before the release of their new film?

There have been many instances in past when the rumors of a Bollywood couple has done rounds just before the release of their films. Be it Ranveer-Anushka before “Band Baja Baaraat” or Shahid-Sonakshi before “R… Rajkumar” (and there have been many more). More often than not it turns out to be a hoax! It spices up environment and is always a great strategy to promote the film. The question is – Are they in Business with Benefits?

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