Fake Director’s Eye saw “A Gentleman” and says – Watch it on Hotstar “now”!

Fake Director had an idle sunday, so he decided to watch the premiere of “A Gentleman” on Star Gold and was stunned – Why did this movie not work? Genius Storytelling!!!

Sidharth Malhotra pulls the double role with panache! The “suave” Gaurav and “dashing” Rishi is exactly what the audience paid for. While Gaurav always wanted the normal lifestyle with his wife & kids in a regular house, his girlfriend Kavya (played by Jacqueline) always saw Rishi in him – An adventurous goon personified with the angry young man image of Amitabh!

I think whether it’s intentional or not, Sidharth’s director likes to portray him as “Angry Young Man” of 70s. Like the scene in Ek Villain where he barges in the mental hospital where the patients were watching Shahensha. In this movie too, just before the “last laugh” by Rishi, you see Amitabh’s movie being played on his TV. Some weird connection!!

The movie takes you on a rollercoaster ride where, on one hand, Gaurav is invariably in situations making audience erupt in humour, and in another world, Rishi makes you go nuts with his Bond like diligence. The movie takes the expected turn when it is revealed that Rishi, too, just like Gaurav, prefers a simplistic life. How destiny brings these two characters together in Mumbai and they and up taking the call to switch their lives becomes the story of the first half.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Bollywood

The second half enlightens Jackie’s character, Kavya! It turns out Kavya works with NSC (National Security Council) and knows about Colonel, played by Suniel Shetty, boss of Rishi’s gang. She was spying on Gaurav to make him work with them to reveal the identity of Team-X (Colonel’s team). While Rishi thinks that he convinced Gaurav to switch lives, it turns out they always wanted Rishi in Miami to pull off a mission for NSC, while he Gaurav emulates Rishi’s life in Mumbai and accumulates more proof against Team-X.

The movie plays with your mind. As soon as you think that you understand the plot, it takes a turn which you didn’t think even in your wildest imagination. The supporting characters are very well written and even a Gujju “Hotdog Wala” in Miami (with the screen time of 5 minutes) have a big impact on the climax! Will Rishi, Kavya and Gaurav get the life they all wanted or will Colonel have another Joker hidden under his sleeve? Please watch the movie on hotstar and let us know your thoughts.


***NOTE: This interpretation of the movie is coming straight from the Fake Director’s Eye and doesn’t have any resembles to the actual plot. Though, we think if the movie was depicted like we painted the picture above, it would have been more interesting to our eyes! Do you agree? Please share your views in the comments section below…

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