Fake Director’s Eye Saw Raabta and This Is What He Had to Say to the Makers!

Do you believe in reincarnation? Well… if you get a constant nightmare, not even vaguely related to your current life, introducing the characters from past life whenever you meet one of them in the present, you should believe that may be… may be… you have a “Raabta” with your past life! The story of this Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon starrer is an attempt to tell the tale of past and present. Kriti’s character unfolds the mysterious track with her nightmares when the people from present life start appearing in her dreams of past life.

Sometimes we have Raabta with our past life…

Saira is a confused girl living in Budapest. Doesn’t understand relations, modern chocolatier by profession but crippled by her nightmare, finds it hard to understand the true meaning of life. Enters Shiv, a charmer who gets a job as banker to pursue his career in Budapest. Instead of being a womanizer, Shiv instantly connects with Saira emotionally. While their story starts with a series of hiccups as Saira already had a boyfriend when she met Shiv, the drama intensifies when he (Shiv) appears as a warrior in Saira’s nightmare.

As soon as things start getting normal between the leads, comes the prophecy from the intriguing character of Rajkummar Rao “Jo pehle hua tha woh fir se dohrayega! Sirf tum (Saira) hi use badal sakti ho…”, giving you the goosebumps. And, in comes Zakir, a mystic, who gives the impression that he knows Saira and Shiv beyond life even though he is meeting them for the first time. Saira’s attraction towards Zakir doubles her confusion for relations as he completes the triangle in her nightmare as well. You are left wanting more by interval as Zakir reveals to Saira – they were lovers in previous life and he has been searching for her from last 25 years.

The nightmare becomes the colossal reality post interval when Jilaan, the warrior played by Sushant in the past life, attacks the tribe of in-love Siaba and Kaabir (Saira and Zakir in the current life). Slowly, you start understanding the characters from the first half. Their past answers the questions of present as Saiba teams up with Kaabir to deceit Jilaan to plan his captivity, leading his demise. Why Shiv is a womanizer? Why Saira looks as if she is carrying the guilt? What’s the mystery of Zakir? The grandeur escapades of their past life grips the story together and leaves the audience purplexed.

After remembering her past life, Saira contacts Shiv but he ridicules her assertions and doesn’t foresee the danger until destiny forces them to reunite in the same situation they died in the past life. Shiv, too, remembers his past but realizes that he isn’t a warrior today! He relies on his guile to overturn the events from past, now that they all believe in the prophecy.

Will Kaabir be able to kill Jilaan again with deciet or cunning Shiv have answers to mystic Zakir this time around? Will Saiba’s guilt become Saira’s strength to save Shiv? Find out by watching the movie! 


***NOTE: This interpretation of the movie is coming straight from the Fake Director’s Eye and doesn’t have any resembles to the actual plot. Though, we think if the movie was depicted like we painted the picture above, it would have been more interesting to our eyes! Do you agree? Please share your views in the comments section below…

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