Karan Johar – From child of nepotism to the father of nepotism

If we have to point out one form of unconditional love in today’s day and age, Children’s love is the clear winner. No matter what, a mother and a father will love their children with nothing but purity. After all, they have created them. It’s the symbol of love! And one thing human beings hate is to see their loved ones in trouble. They go places, even cross all the boundaries, just to make sure that they are creating a favorable habitat for their young ones.

Creating a legacy, thus, has been with mankind since ages. People have always been trying hard all their lives to leave a legacy behind for their children. A plant to reap fruits later. Every household on this planet has this thought process. Even in the west, people tend to secure biggest event in their kid’s life – education and marriage! India, is no exception. The problem is, people start talking about nepotism when a celebrity is working really hard to create a future for his/her child, especially in the film fraternity. Think about it, are you not the result of nepotism in your field. Your father could have educated someone else, more deserving than you! There are millions of kids out there who have brilliant minds but can’t afford what our parents provided us! Ranbir Kapoor recently said:

Of course it exists. I’m sitting here next to you guys (because of it). I have a simple take on nepotism: I believe that my great-grandfather worked hard to give his children a platform, and so on and so forth. I became an actor because of my family, and because I got the opportunity, and the thing is you don’t really get credit for your success because everyone just looks down upon your success!

Karan Johar – The Child of Nepotism

There have been many kids, who can be tagged as “The Child of Nepotism”. But, today we are going to talk about Karan Johar. By his own admission in the recently held press conference for Ittefaq, he is the brand ambassador of Nepotism. An overweight kid, who again by his own admission, was a little low on self confidence while growing up, is easily slotted a role to play the lead’s (Shahrukh Khan) best friend in DDLJ, becomes a director with KKHH, becomes popular as a talk show host on Koffee with Karan (especially when Simi Garewal was already ruling hearts in the domain) and many more… If it wasn’t for the legacy created by his father, Mr. Yash Johar, in the form of Dharma Productions, it would have been a difficult journey to get started in this fraternity, let alone becoming the public figure that he is today!

Everyone looking at his initial work seconds the thought. Be it the star cast he chose to work with in the movie he directed, or the celebrity guests appearing on his show during the first 3 seasons of his talk show, Koffee with Karan. It was as if he has literally drawn a circle of trust and only people working with him are in that circle. Or, probably they all were doing it because they, too, wanted to be the part of legacy in the form of Dharma Productions.

One, though, sometimes easily can overlook the hard work which is needed to be successful. Your father can send you to the best of schools, but, unless you work really hard, perform to your best of capabilities, it will be hard for people to notice you. You can only be “Someone’s Son/Daughter” for so long. There will be definitely a point when people start looking at you as you. And, this is where if, as an individual, you are not performing, people start forgetting you very easily. It’s like Jitne pyaar se seedi pe chadaya tha, utne hi pyaar se seedi kheech ke gira bhi dete hai!

Karan Johar – The Father of Nepotism

The one area where Karan Johar never failed was accruing love from audience. He worked hard in his directorial debut, KKHH, which also won him the best director (filmfare) award. He never shied away from trying different genres. Be it marital infidelity in KANK or counter-terrorism drama in My Name is Khan! While he got his second filmfare award as best director for the latter, former was well received all around the globe and won him critical acclaims.

Even his persona in Koffee with Karan has evolved from a boyish cool looking host to a witty talk show host who can answer any question in this fraternity. The TRP ratings or online viewership of his videos is tremendous. Karan Johar pulls audience on his name!

Karan Johar’s career is divided in two parts with 2011 being the year of partition between the two phases. Before 2011, clearly he was the child of nepotism which can be seen in the nature of his work. But, at the same time he was also sowing the seeds to carry his father’s legacy in future. Post, 2011, we started seeing the glimpses of it, while he transformed into the father of nepotism. He started launching new kids. People will look up to him. His show got the best guest list one can cater in a season, Koffee with Karan Season 4-5. He became a brand!

Karan Johar – Flagbearer of Nepotism

Yes, their have been controversies around the topic and these will only continue. Creating a legacy for your loved ones is not nepotism but a practice which has been followed by our ancestors for ages. Opportunities comes to everybody’s door! It’s what you do with that opportunity, is the question. Are you able to identify the opportunity and take full advantage of the platform provided to you, by working equally hard, or you want to be destiny’s only child left to be forgotten, is the choice only to be made by you!

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