Mumbai – One Day Drive (to Igatpuri/Sula)

5  working days a week in a city which never sleeps warrants a number of weekly searches on social media like –

  • Weekend trips from Mumbai
  • One day trip from Mumbai
  • Places to go near Mumbai in monsoon

There are many websites which can be helpful to decide your destination for the upcoming weekend, Holidify, TravelTriangle, Thrillophilia (to name a few). We, here at AukatMeinRahiyo, are starting an initiative to help people around the world in their quest to kick start their weekend journey – WEEKENDER (@WeekNJoy).



  1. a person who spends time in a particular place only at weekends.
    “weekenders from the city sat drinking under the trees”

To set the ball rolling, we have a chosen to showcase how you can plan a day trip from Mumbai to Igatpuri alongwith Sula Vineyards to unwind and chill on a rainy day. This was the trip taken by our team recently. Here’s what you can do:

Pick a rainy day to drive and enjoy the greenery on the way. 

Although, we all like to start early in the morning whenever we plan a day trip or we all have that one person in our groups who is a ‘time-table/military rule follower’ who plans things to the last details. But when the idea is to chill after having crazy work week and unwind, just put that alarm clock back in the table drawer and start at a time whenever you are ready and have breakfast on your way . 

The drive from Mumbai to Nashik is amazing during the monsoon.


Take a stop for photos while passing the Igatpuri Ghat

You should look out for points when you are driving on the Igatpuri ghat. We thought of the structure in the above pic to be a temple and wondered to take a pit stop. Although, it turned to be a well and coincidentally we found an echo point hidden in the ghats of Igatpuri. The next time you drive to Nashik, look out for this just 4-5 kms before Igatpuri.


Hidden Waterfall in Igatpuri

The highlight of the day was to discover this waterfall just on the entrance of Igatpuri. It was a foggy evening with loads of people overlooking the steep valley. At first, we wondered what are they looking at. As soon as the fog cleared we saw:


P.S. The valley is steep. Be safe.

Enjoy the view of Sula overlooking the Vineyards and Lake

After driving for few hours, you can finally treat yourself with amazing wine and beautiful scenic views.

Doesn’t need any introduction! The good part though, is this place is really for families now. We were thrilled to see parents and grandparents enjoying here.

How can you miss this! And this becomes even more special with your ‘someone special’ 😉

So this is how our team spent a lazy Saturday. We would love to hear your thoughts on the above day trip plan and do share any other feedback that you may have to make our and our readers’ weekends even more exciting.

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