Mutual Funds (Kabaddi) Sahi Hai!!

In the age where “Practice what you preach” is the last thing on your mind, is “Killing two birds with one stone”.

Of late, has been a popular TVC. Every now and then, you will see this initiative by Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) being depicted on TV with the context you can relate to. Be it two girls talking in a parlour about their savings and how one of them bought a car recently, or, two folks in a Mumbai local talking about how mutual fund can be started with small earnings as well.

As soon as you start earning, a businessman is born inside you. Well… with most of us! The thinking goes – “My money will make more money for me”, and we want to INVEST! The AMFI initiative, thus, caught my attention as its target audience. I have found myself (or my friends) in situations shown in the TVCs and wondered, more often than not, if only someone can guide me here. And, I have been following the campaign since its inception.

Pro Kabaddi Campaign

Recently, I noticed something unusual in this campaign. Suddenly the common man portrayal shifted towards a little more glamourous Pro Kabaddi League players, who started featuring in the TVC.  “How can I relate to the lives of these Kabaddi players?”, I asked myself. I am no sportsperson. Yeah, like many others, I have played all major sports at “Galli” Level, but to relate myself to the lifestyle of a sportsperson was a distant dream for a common man like me.

Why a shift from “Common Man” savings to “Pro Players” earnings?

The business model of IPL (Indian Premier League) have been tried by multiple other leagues and sports, and by his own admission, Charu Sharma, the founder of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), IPL has had an influence on overall formatting of the competition. Although, PKL has fared better than many other trials at the same business model, but, the acceptance of the sport and the league has not been able to emulate the success of the referrer!

Mutual Fund (Kabaddi) Sahi Hai!  

The latest AMFI campaign with PKL is able to achieve multiple feets! It’s like “Killing two birds with one stone”. It turns out, I was raising wrong questions. Instead of “How I can relate to lives of Pro players?”, the question is “How well PKL has been adopted by a common man like me since its inception!”. The TVCs not only promotes various types of mutual funds but also:

  1. Show the common man in those sportspersons, who like us sometimes need guidance for investing their money.
  2. Show the lucrative money involved in the PKL so more people are intrigued by the sports and the league can garner more interest amongst prospective players.
  3. Draws the subconscious similarities between the PKL and Mutual Funds. How Kabaddi has started paying dividends to people associated with the league over the years, so can mutual funds take your investment to another level if you understand the nuances.
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