When Shakib said “Four, oh Four” and asked for sabbatical leave

Wake up at 7 in the morning, get ready for your 9 to 5 job (which usually stretches to 7-8 or beyond in the evening for most people), come back home only to plan the next day and making it worst when you have to work on weekends as well. No respite! Does this sound familiar? If you nodded yes, then you will definitely understand why Shakib Al Hasan (a Bangladeshi all-rounder) demanded a sabbatical break from Bangladesh Cricket Board!

Fatigue, oh Fatigue!

The man has been carrying hopes of millions of Bangladeshi fans for over a decade now. It takes a lot to become the only player to achieve the best ranking as an all-rounder in all three formats of the games. Be it ODI, Test or T20, Bangladeshi fans are relaxed as long as Shakib’s magic is left in the arsenal. He rightly said “In Test Cricket, my role is such that I have to contribute in all four innings”. Yes, the team expects a lot from him!

And, you just get fatigued with so much responsibilities that, sometimes, you just return Four, oh Four!

“Four, oh Four” for Shakib Al Hasan

My dear friends in IT industry will understand this phenomenon more aptly, others might have seen this while browsing internet. When you are looking for a page on internet that doesn’t exists, most of the websites show you a 404 page. Try browsing any gibberish url http://google.com/lwjerlkwjerou. To the naked eye, it looks like the page doesn’t exist but behind the scenes the server tried all possible permutations and combinations for finding a match for what you were looking for. Only when, it couldn’t find something after trying all the possibilities , it returned a Four, oh Four!

Just like those servers, every person tries hard to return a match for what his demanded of his work a thousand times. Only when they are working crazily for years without a break and when fatigue takes over the better of the person, they also return Fatigue, oh Fatigue. That is exactly what happened with Shakib! He has been performing all these years as a player, vice-captain, captain, all-rounder and everything you can think of in the game of Cricket. And, he demanded a break from Test Cricket for 6 months.

Sabbatical Accepted!

With the growing fear of losing out an opportunity in the competitive market, people are afraid to even ask for sick leaves (let alone Sabbatical). But, the one’s who, at least, dare to ask for it, really feel wanted when it is accepted. It’s the acceptance of the organization that you are important to us, are working really great and deserves a break! The fatigue is accepted and rightly given a time off to recuperate.

That is exactly what happened when Bangladesh Cricket Board’s Mohammad Akram accepted the short-term leave requested by Shakib Al Hasan! “We can’t always be thinking about us. We should also keep his fatigue into consideration”, said Akram.

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