Simran – The Undercover Cop

Fake Director’s Eye saw #Simran and this is what he has to say about it!

Kangana starts with the great adaptation of Gujrati dialect winning hearts with her confidence. Ms. Praful Patel, is a confident and street smart lady who knows how to handle the problems in life, be it taking as many bold decisions you have to. Controlled in her own ways, she never lets you take eyes off her, making you fall in love with her tenacity. That really becomes the plot of the movie as Kangana’s actions leave you perplexed

From looking for home to settle down in her life away from the close ones to finding herself in Las Vegas turning into an Lipstick Bandit, audience goes through various moods of Kangana in an attempt by Hansal Mehta best described as “Puzzle Solving”! You think you are able to predict the story, the director makes you more curious. “Why is even there a break?”, you are left thinking by the interval.

Is she House Keeping? or The Undercover Cop?


Kangana nails her mischievous bandit act. Her guile not only deceits the goons she starts working with but the audience starts thinking of her as a dark character as well. The only question was “How can the US police be so naive?”, which is also answered by the time movie ends. Good supporting cast as playing Praful’s parents and fiance who doesn’t understand the nature of her job.

Simran, our own Praful is known as Simran in the ulterior world, starts connecting with people when her first connection to Atlanta Police Department (APD) when they are not able to catch Kangana after her first robbery. The story starts unfolding as you understand why such a sorted person will turn into a gambler, loan money from goons and starts robbing banks.

Her trip to LA was no fluke but a planned scheme to reiki the goons and understand their modus operandi. Later her bandit acts (where she was not “caught” by APD) were able to make believe the goons that she can be influenced into joining them. The undercover cop is successfully able to get the gang behind the wars with her strong bold life. Simran – The Undercover Cop will make you fall in love with her the moment she opens her eyes with the first scene to the last where her father tries to strangulate her.


***NOTE: This interpretation of the movie is coming straight from the Fake Director’s Eye and doesn’t have any resembles to the actual plot. Though, we think if the movie was depicted like we painted the picture above, it would have been more interesting to our eyes! Do you agree? Please share your views in the comments section below…

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