Superdry made us CRY!

We come from a country where people say “Customer bhagwan ka swaroop hota hai“. Though, we believe that customer is another human being like all of us. There are times when he is a seller. Like there are times when, the store owner today, will be buying things from other people. So there is no right or wrong when it comes to buying or selling. Today, you see a discount, go in a store, shop. Next week, there is a different offer. What drives the relationship between the seller and the buyer is behavioral experience. Customer is not GOD! But, every one of us deserves a sensible behavior. If you ask a person to pay extra to get the defective piece replaced with the same item, you are making them CRY! Are you listening SUPERDRY? 

Letter from our reader to Superdry store in R-City Mall, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai, 400086  

Hi Vishal (Superdry Mumbai), 

My wife reached out to you on LinkediIn with a complaint for one of the stores at R-City. 

We bought 4 items on July 28 at 2 on 2 offer. The top turned out to be defective. She just wore it for an hour and it started wearing off. When we went to the store (on August 24, within 28 days) and explicitly mentioned that we didn’t wash it, Riddhi (store manager) asked us to send the photos so that she can reach out to you for a resolution.

We waited, waited and waited for more than a week without any follow up from her. Reached out to her today (August 31) and she was casual in saying that she forgot (bad customer service). 

Anyway, we went to the store to get it exchanged and asked her for the same top. She said we don’t have it and we can buy something else. After selecting a dress, I was expecting to pay the balance. But, she said that the top would be returned for only 1700 as it was bought in a deal. 

The top was 3k and the other item, shorts for 5k, was the amount we paid and got the other two items for free. So my reasoning was to pay the balance considering that we would have paid 4k (the price for the dress we liked) + 5k and still got the 2 items for free. Specially considering that the top was defective and it was not an intentional exchange. She didn’t agree and started alleging us that you may have washed the top. Now, we completely lost it and asked her that we want to talk to the manager she reports.

She said this is not possible and even her staff can’t do that. Another mistake of comparing the customer to staff. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the product and the customer service he should be able to talk to the manager.


The final nail in the coffin! I told her that just get me the same tank top and she said that she can’t give me the same top for the same price and I will have to pay extra. I mean that is just ridiculous. I get the item, it turns out to be a defective piece. And to get the same one again I have to pay extra.

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