Tapri Pe Khabri says Hardik Pandya is Aamir Khan of 3 Idiots!!!

I have been following Indian cricket from quite some time now. Have you seen this new star who has erupted out of the Indian dressing room – Hardik Pandya?

Krunal and Hardik Pandya

I saw a photo of a 17 year old Hardik Pandya and was amazed to see the transition of the kid into becoming one of the best swing bowling allrounder of Indian team. The journey truly must be an amazing one, don’t you think? Rahul Dravid hits the bullseye while saying “Hardik has turned his career around”.

You know what I think – If Kapil Dev (the greatest swing bowling allrounder India has produced) was Viru Sahastrabudhhe from the movie 3 Idiots who is waiting for the apt student for his “Space Pen” which was gifted to him by his guru, as his guru has specifically told him “Give this pen to that student who is equally talented as you”, then Kapil Dev will have no doubts in gifting that pen to Hardik Pandya!

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