The real truth behind The Superhero – Khiladi Kumar

The biggest clash of 2018 was around the corner! Pad-maavat vs Pad-man!! The most anticipated PADs of bollywood were coming to big screens together. While one carries a social message, other carries a social stigma! Padmaavat, with the release date of Dec 1, 2017, would have been history by now if not falling for the “social stigma”- My name is Karni Sena Bhai (the video in the link by ScoopNow depicts the phenomenon surrounding the flick nicely). Padman, on the other hand, was eagerly waitingfor the Republic Day weekend to score another century for Khiladi Kumar. Then, why did our Khiladi decided to do the biggest favor to Team Padmaavat?

Clashes win Matches

As they say in cricket- “Catches win Matches”! History is evident that clashes win matches for Bollywood. An opening day in access of 30 crores is a surety if two biggies of Bollywood clash on the same day. Even when decently well paced stars have a face-off, it is happy beginnings for Bollywood as is clear in the following:

  • Secret Superstar vs Golmaal Again ~ 40 cr
  • Raees vs Kaabil ~31 cr
  • Shivaay vs Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ~25 cr
  • Mohenjo daro vs Rustom ~ 25 cr

Given the number of screens in India, Bollywood as an industry has the potential of doing a business of 50 cr in a given day. Only the 3 Khans of Bollywood have come close to that number when it comes to opening day collection. Given that, anything in excess of 30 cr is considered a very good day at office!

Pad-mavat vs Pad-man

Release of Padmaavat was definitely a win for Bollywood as it is that kid which people wanted you to get aborted. Seeing the day of light on Republic Day Eve was, in fact, a win for this kid. But, with what is going on this country- elections, a tragedy every other day and PROTESTs for every other reason, I was afraid the film fraternity is going to see the dull weekend, let alone the opening day, when it comes to box-office collections.

Prevention is better than cure…

If one has to go by this adage, people will be skeptical even in crossing the paths of big malls (with multiplexes) in the country. Given, things can go wrong at any stage, it is not worth the adventure to risk yourself in a situation you will regret later. And then, there was threat from Karni bhai- not to release the movie! More importantly, it was honoured as well by certain states. In all this madness, one thing was sure- This clash is not going to good for Bollywood and certainly not for Padman. Akshay Kumar decides to drop this catch clash!

Khiladi Kumar – Superhero

Tomorrow9th feb, when Padman releases as a solo release (now that Aiyaary has been postponed by another week), Karni bhai is calm, people are waiting for the movie desperately and, moreover, they are willing to go to the nearest cinema hall (unlike on Jan 25) as they are not in fear anymore.

Not releasing the flick with the magnum opus is now turning out to be a master stroke from the superhero:

  • Competition: We have seen in past that whenever there is a clash of movies, one of them has to take a dip in the opening day collections. Padman, on the other hand, would have also faced a stiff competition from Karni Sena.
  • Superhero: Akshay Kumar is portrayed as a superhero in Padman. There was an opportunity up for grabs to make way for Padmaavat, while securing good moolah for his movie as a solo release. Team Padmaavat has already announced Akki as their superhero!
  • Fear Factor: Although Akshay Kumar is known as Khiladi Kumar for his action sequences and stunts, but, the aam aadmi is no Khiladi! Now that the situation is under control and all the hush over Padmaavat vs State vs Karni Sena seems to be over, people are feeling more secure when going to theatre near them.

We hope that this weekend is another money spinner for Bollywood it desperately needs one after the string of low grossers in the month of January apart from Padmaavat.

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