When Shahrukh Khan beat Aamir Khan in box-office race

This year Diwali came with surprises. On one hand, where Gopu and his gang left you in splits, Shakti Kumar with his notorious quirks showed second nature to emotional ride.

We all knew what Diwali had in store for us this year! We were, in fact, waiting for Aamir Khan to show up in his dazzling avatar of Shakti Kumar in Secret Superstar. The movie didn’t disappoint one bit. It was a fantastic movie and deserved all the accolades it has been garnering in last 10 days. It is, as if, everything that Aamir “The Perfectionist” Khan touches becomes gold!

The box-office numbers, on the other hand, of the movie didn’t do enough justice. It has collected 50.5 crores thus far and is aiming for a lifetime collection of 60 crores (predicts the trade analyst). That being said, everyone still is in awe of Aamir’s act while not talking much about the box-office numbers. In fact, Aamir Khan has already declared it super-hit! Following is an excerpt from an article on Koimoi.com showing the profit percentage of the movie:

Box office numbers are just one yardstick about the success of a film. If you see the numbers, we have earned double than the budget of the film. Normally, the film which recover its cost is called a hit, then this film should be called a super hit


Shahrukh Khan vs Aamir Khan at box-office


Last year, around the same time (in fact post the lucrative Diwali festival), a film was released with similar context – A woman centric movie depicting the journey of a young girl to achieve her dream of becoming a filmmaker. She, too, just like Insia, had family issues, comes across a rather contrasting character of Dr. Jehangir “Jug” Khan, who helps her in this journey. If you have not guessed the movie by now, I am talking about Alia Bhatt – Shahrukh Khan starrer “Dear Zindagi”. The movie, too, just like Secret Superstar was acclaimed by critics and audience.

At box-office as well, the movie fared well with the allocated screen space and the target audience just like Secret Superstar. But, there is a stark difference in the way people reacted to the two mega stars associated with the respective films. To understand the context, please consider the following table depicting the box-office numbers of both the films (in Cr):

Days/Title Dear Zindagi Secret Superstar
Opening (Friday) 8.75 9.3
Weekend 23.75 17.15
Acid Test (Monday) 4.25 3.05
Week One 47 41.59
Second Friday 2.25 2
Second Weekend 7.85 6.9
Lifetime 68 ~60 (expected)

Audience expect the best from both, Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan, and want them to be entertaining as they have been from the last 25 years. But, for some reasons, when it comes to Shahrukh Khan, everything becomes grand. By his own admission, he had to work really hard to make “Dear Zindagi” not his movie. This is the reason, why, even after performing decently well on the box-office, people were not satisfied as they wanted a 100 crore affair when Shahrukh Khan is involved in a project. But, when a film like Secret Superstar comes, in which, Aamir is doing an extended cameo, people appreciate the content first and when it comes to box-office numbers, well… who cares, he is Mr. Perfectionist!  

While both the movies were able to recover the cost and make as much profit, only Secret Superstar will be considered super-hit in the coming years.

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