Yes I said “I do” to my trollers!

Dear Troller,

I accept your troll! Yes, you heard it right, I do. Now let’s get married and let me hear “I do” too! Because in reality, you are not trolling me. You tend to find your inner image in the outside world to criticize and when you do, you troll! So, you are not trolling me but, your own self.

Uday Chopra trolled for his looks

You always ask people for their constructive feedback. But, as soon as they start ‘F’ of their feedback, you run away. In reality, you already know your shit and thus, only ‘F’*** can come out in a feedback. You can’t hear others bashing you. The only one who can say anything about you is you! But, it would be weird if you stand in front of a mirror and start shaming yourself, wouldn’t it? So, you wait, you wait to find a loser (according to your ego) in the outer world. And, when you do find one, you troll! So you are not trolling me but, a loser in your own self.

Fardeen Khan trolled for his looks

Today, I may be fat, I may have not acted well in a movie, I may have said something stupid in public, I may be proud of my father for providing me a wonderful life, I may not be as good looking as my spouse etc. etc. etc. But, after all, I have announced myself otherwise you won’t be talking about me, would you? Who is still unknown to this world is you! Who is still lost in the population of 125 crores is you! Who is using me to get some visibility in this world is, you guessed it right, you! So, dear troller, yes, I accept your troll. If by trolling me, you can achieve a purpose in your life, I don’t have a problem in saying “I do”. But, today, please accept my proposal, when I go down on my knees, by saying “I do too!”. Because when you do, you will realize it too. You are not trolling me but, only YOU!


Joker (in you)

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